Some Caribbean music for you…

I went on a PerezHilton induced quest for Gloria Estefan videos and remembered this very lovely song she released when I was very small.

Mi Tierra is a very melancholic song about missing your homeland and I think Gloria’s voice is gorgeous in this song…

Then I just went out on a hunt for some of my favorite music in spanish…

This my favorite Spanish song of all time and it deserves its very own post some day…My dad and I listened to trio music like this on long drives to school. Fichas Negras (Dark [Poker] Chips) is about a treacherous woman that betrays  the singer and scars him in such a way that he can never love again. So romantic and tragic, no?  

There’s also some scandal regarding this song because apparently Frank Sinatra used this song’s melody for “Strangers in the Night”.  (or maybe it happened backwards, I dont know…)

In this song a horse somehow gets recruited into a baseball. Yes. Baseball.

Well in the very last inning of the game the horse hits a grandslam…and when everyone tells the horse to RUN and make the last run (against the Yankees no less)…The horse refuses to run. When everyone asks him in shock why he’s not running he simply replies…

‘Si yo corriera…estuviera en el hipodromo…’

“If I ran at all…I’d be at the horse races…”


Silly horse!



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