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GeekGirlCon Day #1

So this weekend I’m at the Geek Girl Convention in Seattle. I’ve been looking forward to this con for several months and I was not disappointed! Let me share some of the highlights of the day…

A wild Chell appears! There were a lot of attendees dressed up…


The exhibition hall had soo many girly items….Too many things to spend my money on.

For lunch I headed over to the Space Needle and found an Arab festival! There’s always a festival in this city…

So I sat down with my GeekGirlCon loot and grabbed a gyro (are gyros arabic?? I thought they were from Greece…? Oh well, still delicious!)

My first panel was on the Miss Fury comic and given by the awesome Trina Robbins. I’m really going to start reading more about the Miss Fury character…such a wild character for the 40s.

Also attended a panel on creating (or participating in) an audio drama. I had no idea there was such an active community for audio dramas. Definitely another interesting thing I’d like to research.

Finally, I headed over to another room in the EMP to check out part of the new documentary “The History of the universe as told by Wonderwoman”…It was an amazing preview with Linda Carter herself participating in the documentary. Really looking forward to seeing this at the movie theater.

Oh, and on the way back home I ran into the Occupy Seattle protest. Wooo 99%!

All in all, a great day….what will tomorrow bring?


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