GeekGirlCon Day#2

Last sunday I went back to GeekGirlCon for a second day of geeky goodness. My visit was a lot shorter on this day, since I wanted to be back home early and enjoy a bit of the weekend at home. Here’s the last set of pics from my geek girl adventure.

I planned my day during my bus rides…oh, how I love the bus. I need to write about that some day.

During both days I took the Seattle monorail to the space needle. It’s $2 for a 1 min ride, but it sure beats walking.

I got a chance to do some geeky crafts! I was given my own “mini” and painted him as best as I could. His arm fell off in the middle of my painting, so he’s now a war beaten monster with only one arm.

No convention is complete without some storm trooper security.

I did some shopping at the con…I lovely drawing of the Firefly character by mleiv, and a funny pac man print for the bf.  Mleiv even added a free sticker with purchase!

And of course, at the end of the day…I stopped by the occupy seattle protest while I waited for my bus. They’ve been kicked out of there for now but I think their protest got a lot of good attention.

 That’s all for now!


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