What Im reading: American Gods

After seeing a fantastic set of art inspired by American Gods, I decided I needed to give this novel a chance and read it.

I checked it out of the library a few days ago and am already mesmerized by the story. Since I wanted to read at my own pace, I decided to buy my own copy. Last night I found a small paperback for just $4 at Half Price books!

I’m loving the mythology and folklore mixed with modern life and how colorful each and every single character is.

This is one book I’m dying to finish!….not like my last failed reading adventure with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance. That was a well written book with very complex ideas…but I really didn’t see anything in terms of story and characters which I what I always enjoy most about books.

So let’s go, American Gods!

P.S. – I also found out that the author of American Gods – Neil Gaiman – rewrote the English translation of  Princess Mononoke . How wonderful is that?! He might be my new favorite author.


4 thoughts on “What Im reading: American Gods”

    1. Cool…I think this copy I bought has a preview of Anansi Boys…so I’ll definitely be checking it out once I finish American Gods. Thanks for stopping by!

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