Professor Layton and The Last Spectre…a mid game review

I rushed to the video game store a few days ago to by the latest installment in the Professor Layton Series : Professor Layton and the Last Spectre. I’ve played for about 6 hours (at my very slow pace) and I think I might be around the middle of the game. Here are my thoughts so far…

*Contains minor spoilers on features of the game. No story spoilers though. *

Professor Layton @ Singapore Toy Games & Comic...
Image by awee_19 via Flickr

I’m enjoying:

-Episodes: I didn’t realize until last night that these sometimes include an actual animated scene, which is my favorite thing about the game(after puzzles). The art in this game is so gorgeous that getting more of it in animated form is a delight.

-Mouse badges??….What are these for??….Still, I tap the screen like a crazy person as soon as I see the purple mouse scurrying about.

-The return of Mini Games! I was hoping for something like the tea game from the previous game (many people didn’t like it apparently)…but I love the train track game. I also think the fish tank game is a great improvement over that bird game (which I hated).

-The intro music! I didn’t want to start to game until the song finished!

-The script : Even something as simple as “You can’t let a puzzle intimidate you!” is a great line for young and old folks to challenge themselves.

Not sure that to think yet:

-Collection: The collection of random found objects is nice, but I don’t see any additional purpose to it. It’ll be nice to see what I get when the collection is complete (if anything).

Would like to see change:

– Hint Coins: I love the way hint coins work, but finding them is a bit too predictable now.


Of course, I’m loving the plot and the variety of puzzles in the game…I’m saving some of the puzzles and mini games to play with the bf b/c I really like sharing the “thrill of a good puzzle” with friends.


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