Halloween origami wreaths

* <fanfare> This my 200th post! </fanfare> *

I haven’t really bothered with Halloween decorations this year…more like welcomed fall into our home with some plushie friends, a glass pumpkin (from Northwest Glass Pumpkin Patch), and a little scarecrow friend from the south.

I like to decorate with a specific season in mind as opposed to a single day (with Christmas being the exception). One of my favorite new (to me) ideas though, is little Halloween origami wreaths for this special day. A neighbor of mine has one hanging from their door and I thought it was the most adorable thing ever.

I managed to track down the specific design and am loving its simple style…Didnt dare go see it up close, lest my neighbor think I am trying to peek  into her home!

© Origami Club
Image © of Origami Club


I also found a second cute wreath that has some lovely flowers:

The materials are pretty inexpensive and easy to find…so I might have to give this a try! Do you have any unusual halloween decorations?


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