Kutsuwa Eraser Making Kit (I made erasers!)

Update:  I’ve seen a lot of hits coming from people looking for where to buy these…so here ya go. 🙂     Quick link to JBox item page  (refferal link)

Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with YouTube videos that feature silent people opening toy packages. My boyfriend thinks it’s the silliest thing and I agree. But there’s SOMETHING about watching those videos that relaxes me. My favorite YouTube channels to visit are MosoGourtmet and RRCherryPie. After watching a lot of videos I felt excited about getting my own.

So I decided to get my own kit from J-box and make some erasers! This is the kit I bought and for $7.50 I found it to be a good purchase.

The instructions come in japanese and I cannot read a bit of japanese so I just used the visual guide mixed with information from jbox and advice from You Tube videos.

I started out first with the pink rabbit and it was almost a colossal failure. One of his eyes didnt stick during the “microwaving” process so I used a marker to create an eye patch.  Some of it smeared but I think he looks fine.

For my second try I created the green bear and I am much happier with it. I cannot get the eyes as small as they do in the packaging and I think I didn’t use enough eraser clay since the two halves don’t really stick very well.  I thought it was interesting that the packaging never shows the eraser from the side so I think they cant get the two halves to stick well either.

Finally I made the squirrel and although the colors are a bit boring, making this different shape (with a tail and everything) was super fun.

I’m pretty much done for now…but I wanted to show you I still have enough for making a couple more erasers. I’m thinking of combining colors and maybe making a purple bear. 🙂

That’s all! In summary, I had a lot of fun with this little kit…and while the wait for J-List to send my package was ridiculous, the kit itself is worth the money.


12 thoughts on “Kutsuwa Eraser Making Kit (I made erasers!)”

  1. how long did it take them to send your package? I was thinking of getting her some stuff from jbox for her birthday cuz she’s been obsessed with it also lol

    1. Hey Mel!

      It took quite a bit (around a month) b/c I had some items waiting to be stocked…

      I got the cheapest shipping option and the expected time was 2-6 weeks,so they were still within the promised time. If you’re in a hurry I’d ask the folks at jbox for availability of the kit(they’ve answered all the support questions I’ve had so far!)

      Good luck and happy early birthday to your sis! 🙂

  2. it shows how long to microwave them for a 500 and 600 kw microve but how long for 1,100 kw microwave?do you know?

    1. Hi Amy:
      Im not 100% sure but what I would do is cut the time down by half (since 1100kw is almost twice 600kw). You could also try using your microwave on a low setting. I’d check your microwave’s model online and see if there any recommendations.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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