Wakfu Review: Because Dofus wouldnt load…

I got my Wakfu beta key in the mail a few weeks ago and after a frustrating experience with Dofus support, I decided to forget about Dofus and move on to its newer, sleeker sibling game.  (Seriously, it took them two weeks to provide a solution of “restart your machine”…sheesh)

Here’s a short review of my impressions so far.

Image via Wikipedia


-Beautiful art and a much sleeker style than in previous

-More animation at the character level

-Better walking/running controls


-Still having issues with quests and knowing where Im suppossed to be going.

-Issue with colors at nightime

-Experienced first blocking bug a couple of hours into the game..which was pretty damned annoying…but restarting the game was fix enough.

-Not enough folks in beta so its uber lonely for me right now…

Conclusions so far:

This is a gorgeous game, and with a large user base I might actually enjoy it. They have improved on many frustrating issues Dofus (mostly around navigating the menus and the playing area in my case)…and they’ve added many interesting elements.

Classes and races havent really changed, as its suppossed to be in the same world, thousands of years apart…but if you enjoyed the look and story of Dofus you will enjoy Wakfu too.

…I also played Islands of Wakfu on XBOX, but that deserves its own post!


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