Little London Fan Art

I’m so into the Little London minigame these days that I’ve actually started making fan art.

This is a super rough sketch with some color added to give an idea of how it will look in the end.

© Laura Cruz

Most of my art tends to look super “sketchy” b/c I honestly like it more that way and I feel it hides a lot of the imperfections.

This drawing is my character…I forgot her name (Turuleka I think?)…driving the bus like a madwoman. Bus driving is seriously one of my favorite things to do in that game even though it is terribly boring. Its one of my favorite ways to make money…I mean, “wealth”.

Her attire is basically the whole princess set plus beret and a kickass eye patch. Oh and she’s wearing zebra gloves…because I have like twenty of them. Sometimes I just have her spend the whole day in the princess suit b/c I hate changing her outfit.

I’m going to fix the line art, add some passengers to the bus and maybe a pedestrian or two in the way. But I was pretty happy with this first version so I wanted to share.

This was done in Gimp with my Bamboo tablet. Still getting used to drawing with a tablet and I miss Photoshop oh so much (but Im cheap)…


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