Inuyasha: I finally gave in

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** This post is full of Inuyasha spoilers for Episodes 1 to 56**

Many years ago….ok 10 years ago….weekday nights would find me watching Cowboy Bebop in Adult Swim, blissfully unaware of how much I would still cherish this show in my mid twenties. But this post isn’t about Bebop…its about the show I refused to watch…firstly because it looked TOO ANIME for me…and secondly because the white-haired hero reminded me too much of another show I despised…Rupert the white bear .

Anyway, Inuyasha…I thought this was a horrid show and I avoided it all costs.

Surprised that Netflix’s instant watch actually had an anime I recognized (b/c seriously Baccano, I doubt I will ever watch you, delightful as you seem)…I gave in and watched a few episodes of Inuyasha.

 I can proudly say I’m on episode 56 right now and I have no intention of stopping. Here are my key takeways…

– I really enjoy how complicated Inuyasha’s relationship with Kagome has become. He clearly still has feelings for this other woman and he has no idea what to do with himself. This really what told me this show was not your average lovey dovey funny anime.

-However, I don’t really enjoy how much of a doormat Kagome is. Not to say she shouldnt be true to her feelings but girl has to stand up for herself every once in a while! Slap that Kikiyo ho! Show her who your man is!   Fight with your fists for once! (Tough I must say, the arrow skills are pretty neat…)

– It’s actually refreshing to see a blatantly sexist and  lecherous character like Miroku. He’s likeable and a good addition to the team, but my favorite Miroku moments are those less dignified ones….“Will you bear my child?”

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-Sango and her brother: This is my favorite relationship in the show, being a big sister myself. Whenever Kohaku comes in, I know I will be in tears soon….I die a little every time it seems Kohaku is back, but no…he really isnt. And then I remember that he’ll die if that Sacred Jewel Fragment is removed. Oh boy.

-I really wish Kagome would wear some different clothes, as the school girl uniform really gets annoying after seeing it fo so many episodes. It looks so uncomfortable!

**end spoilers**

I’m really glad I gave inuyasha a chance. I should have given it a chance years ago. This show also introduced me to Rumiko Takahashi and her other works, which Im dying to explore now.

Who knows, maybe I will watch Baccano…or Rupert the white bear.



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