Finding Vintage Crochet Patterns

d o i l yI sometimes like to challenge myself with old patterns and I also enjoy checking out what kinds of garments folks liked to crochet in the old days. I havent ever finished a vintage crochet pattern (except this one), but its been on my to do list for a while.

These are some of my favorite sites that come up when I want to check out

Celt’s Vintage Crochet (way back machine link)

A good yarn

Doris’ collection of vintage pattern books

Antique Pattern Library

 Try searching online for “vintage patterns”, “antique patterns”…you’ll be surprised at what you can find! I also recommend checking out books at the library…they might have things that are not available online at all!

Tips for finding patterns in unavailable sites:

Is a site down? Unavailable? Disappeared? Try one of these steps to see if there is a copy of the site online still.

Option 1: Way Back Machine , my favorite option and usually the most reliable for old sites like geocities and angelfire

1. Copy the link for the site

2. Go to waybackmachine and paste url

3. Explore different snapshots (versions) of the site…many geocities sites that are now down are still cached in way back machine.

4. Just because the site is down, dont forget to credit where you the pattern from! 🙂

Option 2: Search engine cache, works sometimes if site was taken down recently

1. Copy site name and/or URL

2. Paste into Google/Bing/Yahoo, etc

3. Most Search engines have a “cached” option  many results. Click “cached” to see if the search engine has stored a copy.


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