Make your own Kutsuwa eraser kit shapes…

I finished making the three “default” erasers in my kutsuwa eraser kit, but I still had plenty of eraser material left over.  (Previous Post)

My favorite color is purple so I knew I wanted to make one of the animals in that color. I just combined my left over red and blue clay to make purple, plus added a bit of white to make it whiter  (and have more material). I ended up with a lovely purple bear!

You can also make shapes by hand…I wanted to make the head of a cat, so I used bear mold and changed the ears a bit. Note how changing the snout also helps change the kind of animal you are making.

Also, remember to combine different colors and see what you get. I discovered a different way of getting lots of purple! Combining dark purple with leftover pink.

This was the end result of my work…a lovely little bear and a cat head! I still have enough left over for one more complete animal, but I’ve yet to decide what it will be.

Hope you liked this second Kutsuwa eraser kit post! Fyi, The whole kit is available over at JBox for around $7 (USD).


2 thoughts on “Make your own Kutsuwa eraser kit shapes…”

  1. I recently stumbled upon this blog of yours during an attempt to look for some Eraser Clay related help. I am having some trouble trying to see if any Eraser Clay comes in individual packages or even just in packages where it doesn’t come with tools. I’ve seen starter kits, but those come with tools. I don’t want to have to keep re-buying the same tools just to get some clays. ^ ^; Know what I mean?

    1. Hello Lee Anne! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂
      Sadly, Im not sure where you can get the individual packages. My best guess would be a crafts store (if you’re in the U.S. something like Michael’s or Jo Annes).
      Best of luck with your eraser craft! 😀

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