Crochet & Knit christmas gifts

Short post this week. (I’ve been feeling sick and am in the middle of packing for Christmas VACATIONS!)

 I went to my local knitting/crochet meetup and met some awesome girls for tea. We exchanged presents and spent the afternoon knitting/crocheting/ranting.

It’s really different (and more fun!) to craft with other people. You see the different style in practicing each craft and you get to share stories about projects.

I made them all little birdie bookmarks…It’s a free pattern by Suzanne from Crea in the City and its available here!

I got some adorable Christmas ornaments that are already adorning my little tree. 🙂

During our meetup today I made a crochet flower hot pad for my BF’s mom…this is also a free pattern and available here.

I’m getting some posts ready for the next week. So happy holidays and happy new year! 🙂 I’m outta here!





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