Lap blanket for Grandma

My grandma had an unfortunate accident while picking some fruit from a tree, and for the past few months she’s been sitting around with a leg cast.

I decided to make her a little lap blanket for christmas so she can cover her legs in case it’s too breezy.

This little gift is on its way to Puerto Rico, and will hopefully keep her warm. 🙂

The pattern is based on the Vibrant V-Stich Wrap pattern by Judith L Swartz. I basically used the stitch of the pattern but modified the shape since I wanted something smaller. I also used different yarns since I ran out of the blue I wanted to use.

I improvised the J and am really happy with the way it turned out. Crafting all those crazy amigurumis with their strange shapes has really paid off!

Are you staying warm these days?




2 thoughts on “Lap blanket for Grandma”

  1. What a sweet gift! I have an old afghan that my grandma knitted years ago – the colours are hideous (unlike your lovely blues) but you can’t beat it for warmth. I sit under it every day!

    1. Thanks cee!
      I know! Homemade blankets are the best! We have one made out of denim patches (from my bf’s aunts) and its just the best for warmth and picnics!

      Happy 2012!


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