Novels about crafting: Knit one, kill two

seattle mystery bookshop rocks!
Image by Rakka via Flickr

After enjoying the book “Dying to crochet” I decided to give another crafting mystery a go.

On one of my last trips to downtown Seattle I stopped by the wonderful Seattle Mystery BookShop and found a book called “Knit one, kill two“. I remembered how fun it was to read about MURDER and mystery in crochet world so I decided to give a knitting novel a try.

I finished the book a few days later and was a sadly underwhelmed with the resolution of the mystery and the characters of the story.

Knowing some awesome knitters and crocheters might have me biased, but the girls in the story sounded nothing like the knit & crochet fans I know.  They were a bit too proper, a bit too naive and did not curse nearly enough (even when falling while running from a mad serial killer).

Knitting Kit-Jimin
Image by nist6ss via Flickr

I felt like the author thought I was a five-year old whenever the main character said “Darn!” instead of the obvious. Dont get me wrong, I adore kind, appropriate and respectful people….but this was a little too much. If you are expecting a realistic portrayal of the fun and crude world that is knitting and crochet, go elsewhere.

One thing I did enjoy about the book was reading about a craft fair. I’ve never been to one and reading about the different events, animals etc was a delight to read.

Conclusion: A fast read with some charming qualities, but I was underwhelmed by the mystery and characters’ naivety.


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