Isometric Drawing

I’ve been working on a special project in my spare time, which requires me to level up my drawing skills…and SOON. I was looking for what’s apparently called a “2.5D” effect and after some reading, I started experimenting with regular graph paper.

Right now I’m basically just trying to learn how to draw walls, tiles, doors, and corners. One requirement I’m trying to fulfill is drawing all these elements in such a way that they are tile-able, but that’s a topic for another post. Let’s just look at the “pretty” drawings.

Experimenting with 45 degree angles

I was pretty frustrated with this at first, because I knew I was on the right track but I also knew my drawings looked weird…and let’s face it, ugly.

Getting closer to the right angle (Tried for 30 degrees)

After a few tries I finally got my head around it and realized that 30 degrees was the angle I was looking for. This is a really common effect for pixel art, which I used to do a while ago, but I had no idea about the specific degrees.

Used some isometric paper to create what I wanted

I found some free isometric graph paper and started drawing again, this time following the lines. Once I finished the drawings I realized that I was simply repeating the work I did in AutoCAD  back in school. AutoCAD gives you the isometric grid already, so i hadn’t really thought about the angles involved (or maybe I did for a test? Once?) Anyway, I was very happy with the results.

After scanning and coloring

I’ve started scanning the drawings and coloring them on Photoshop. This is still a “proof of concept” and I just want to verify if what I’m drawing is on the right track.

Now I’m facing new questions. How do I make these more modular? What’s the best way to tile this? What other elements am I missing?

These and more questions will (hopefully) be answered in a future post.




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