Sticker-Making Pen Tutorial

Leave it to me to buy something and completely misunderstand what its even for. Silly. Silly. Me.

I recently purchased a pink Sticker Making Pen over at Jlist under the assumption that it was some kind of roll on glue you used to make common paper sticky like stickers.

No, it just turns out it’s a gel pen with glitter. I was furious and embarrassed when I saw what it actually was.

So I’ve been ignoring that silly pen for quite some time now. It wasnt until a few days ago that I learn that yes, these pens are used for making stickers (not just for covering stuff up in glitter).

The way these pens work is you use the gel pen to draw whatever you want turned into a sticker. Wait patiently until the gel dries, then PEEL OFF  the shape you made. THAT’S your sticker.

Way to go Laura. Way to go.

I actually like the little pen now….and I make little stickers when I’m bored.

If you want one of your own little pens, they have a BUNCH over at Jlist.

They run around $4.20 a piece (as of 3/7) but I saw some sets available as well.

Here’s my little tutorial on how to use this pen:

1. On a smooth surface like plastic , create the shapes you want to turn into a sticker. Writing on a porous surface like paper will stick the gel and paper together. You can also add beads and things to your stickers.

2. Let it dry for several hours. The thicker your “sticker” the more drying it will need.

3. Peel off carefully. If your sticker is too thin it might break. If it breaks, just put some more gel over it and wait for it to dry again.

4. Enjoy and stick on stuff you like! 😀

If you like these kinds of posts stay tuned! I have another shipment of fun things coming from Japan. 😉


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