Popin’ Cookin’ : Dont play with your food!

Joy to the world, my JList package arrived! And now for the first of a series of reviews!

Today I’m writing about “Popin’ Cookin’ Neri Can Land” (referral link) , a small and affordable candy making kit.

Let’s go straight into the how to…This kit comes with five different colored candies, sprinkles and a wooden roll.  Also note that while the actual box differs, the contents of them are the same.

The process is pretty straightforward:

  1. CLEAN YOUR HANDS and get a clean surface to work on (I used wax paper)
  2. Combine any amount of colors you wish
  3. Use like you would clay and create any number of fun shapes

Check out the different things I made with my kit!  (I love the fact that it included some black…that way I was able to make gray and brown, which arent colors I usually see in candy like this.)

To be honest, I wasnt a fan of the taste or of eating something I’d been playing around with. (I only managed to eat a bit of after opening straight from the package.) But hey, its edible…if you want to eat these go ahead (just make sure you’ve cleaned your hands!!)

Since I wasnt going to eat it...I decided the lady bug could hang out on my plants for a while....

I cannot stress how important it is to work on a clean surface. I washed my hands several times but couldnt get over it. I had a lot of fun making the different shapes, but as a candy, this wasnt my favorite.


Coming soon! Im going to attempt and make “Happy Sweets Elegant Creamy Clay Kit” in chocolate!  This is a gorgeous and intimidating set! (Also the instructions are in Japanese so this could be a disaster! Fun times!)




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