D.I.Y. Phone Strap Kit

One of my latest crafty acquisitions has been this fantastic phone strap kit. The official name is “Happy Sweets Elegant Creamy Clay Kit” in Chocolate.

I’ve seen many videos on YouTube about people using these and they make it look so easy! But I gave it a try anyway! Note: You cannot eat anything in this kit!

Contents of the kit

I wanted to share some pictures of what I got, how I used it and what I made with it. Hopefully this will help you figure out if you’d like your own kit!

You can use your own beads too!

Use the lighter, foamy clay (set of 3) to make the cookies and chocolate. You just press the foamy clay into the mold and clean up the edges. This was super easy to do so I went a little overboard. ^__^

 The heavier clay (set of 2, brown and cream/glitter) is for using as creamy filling (to be used with piping bag & tip). I found the piping bag pretty hard to work with and I ended up using my hands to mold clay when the piping bag broke.

The beads you can put pretty much anywhere, but note that you do need glue to make them stick to the clay.

 I had a lot of fun making these! I still have some materials left so I plan on making some more soon. These little gifts are on their way to some special people! 🙂

If you want your own kit they’re about $15 USD (as of 4/20/12) at JBox.

That’s all!



P.S. – This isn’t a sponsored post but I do use my jlist affiliate credit to buy some of these items.


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