Jean Giraud a.k.a Moebius

I’m just going to put this out there: I don’t really care for most comics. Or superheroes. I havent even seen The Avengers (though I keep hearing great things.)I just read some manga every now and then and catch up w/web comics every few weeks.

Point being, I havent been exposed to many comic artists. And boy am I missing out.

A few months ago I ran into a Reddit post with a drawing by Jean Giraud a.k.a. Moebius. This post might have changed my life. It depicted one of his “Voyage D’Hermes” pieces and I found the whole image too beautiful to comprehend.

For the past weeks I’ve continued falling in love with Moebius art, hunting down any related websites I could find, and am now rationalizing if I should shell out $150 for a Moebius art book. Then top all that off with the horror of reading that Moebius passed away a couple of months ago (f*ck you cancer!). And finish it off with the joy of learning that not only were Moebius and Hayao Miyazaki good friends, they also collaborated on an exhibit.

Moebius has been an influence in so many movies and cartoons I already love, it really was my own fault I hadn’t found him before. He has worked in projects like Little Nemo, Alien, Star Wars Ep. 5, The Fifth Element and even Space Jam!

Of course, he is most prominent in the comic world, and that’s what I need to start looking into now.

I wanted to post some of the best links I’ve found so far and just put this out there in case any one else is (or is interested in becoming) a fan.

Jean Giraud’s official site (French)

Quenched Thirst (A great tumblr summary of Moebius work)

Fuck Yea Jean Giraud!

And here’s a wonderful video about Moebius’ and Jean-Claude Mezier’s influence in The Fifth Element:



P.S. – If anyone wants to get me a birthday present I would like this. You know, if you have a few thousand dollars lying around!


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