Jewerly Box D.I.Y. Revamp Pt. 1

I bought this FANTASTIC jewerly box at the thrift store for only $9. I swear this thing can carry all the jewerly in my home. It was pretty beat up with smoke damage and just general “yuck” Im taking my time and making it pretty.

Here’s what it used to look like:


The box was looking pretty depressing and yellow (I think someone smoked next to the box for the past 25 years), but some water and baking soda cleaned a lot of it nicely.

Things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Smoke damage is much much MUCH nastier than sun damage
  2. Baking soda will take anything off
  3. Spray painting excessively will make things look terrible
  4. Gold paint pens release fumes that worry me ….

I may be in over my head but I’m determine to make this the most adorable jewerly box this side of Lake Washington.

My current plan is to paint some kind of design on the doors that matches the colors of the drawers.

But first I had to clean and clean…

I’ll be posting progress every now and then, and then I’ll make a full tutorial once its complete.

Peace out!



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