My first apple tart

I’ve had a tumultous relationship with baked goods containing apples…But I blame it mostly on this guy…I.cannot.stand.those. However, thanks to Trader Joe’s apple blossoms, I’ve discovered that I’ve been missing out! Apples and dough is delicious!

So last night…I jumped in with both feet first and made an apple tart. It was a match made in heaven.

Oh my goodness….I was not expecting this level of deliciousness.

I paired it with some vanilla ice cream….and then both magically disappeared!

I used this recipe from smitten kitchen. I changed the quantities a bit since I had a smaller pan, but it turned out great. I would add a bit more sugar next time, and maybe eat it when its warmer.

I will be trying this recipe again….and maybe adding some more sugar. Because sugar and apples and dough is only the awesomest thing ever. Yes.




4 thoughts on “My first apple tart”

    1. Thanks madame! 😀 It really motivated to try some more apple recipes…so hopefully you’ll be seeing more of those here soon!

  1. Wow!!!! Looks very, very, delicious!!!!!!
    Congrats on your first apple pie!!!!!
    Hope you learn to bake pineapple pie and teach me. I love it!! 🙂

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