Blueberry Shortbread Bars

Last night I watched the Food Wishes video recipe for Blueberry Shortbread Bars. This recipe looked so delicious and easy I had to make it. And I was right, this is ridiculously easy to make and the rewards outweigh the work required.

I began by making my dough, which I think came out a little bit dry. No matter. I patted that bad boy into the improvised 9×9 glass dish successfully. (Yes, I used aluminum foil to make my 9×13 dish smaller. I was not about to go to the store at 10pm.)

Note on improvising a smaller dish. This will probably not work for runny batter (ie.brownies or cake), so only try this with dry, stiff dough.

I carefully patted down the top dough over the blueberries, and then sent the dish into the oven.

Thirty minutes later I checked the edges were brown and let the dish cool. This took a LONG time and it took all of my willpower not to eat it warm. Waiting until its cooled makes cutting this up a breeze.

I was so happy with the results. What you get is the explosion of blueberry flavor combined with crumbly dough. Ugh. I cant handle it.

The BF took some to work and were very well received. This is a great snack if you want something to bring to work or maybe give as a gift.

Also, try pairing this with a cup of coffee or tea. You’re welcome.




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