PAX 2012

I’m PAX-ed out! After three fun days of making lines, hunting down free loot and playing awesome games I’m taking a break.

Below are some pics of some of my favorite PAX things:

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This year I noticed a change in the focus of the show. Indie games received a much bigger spotlight and anything that wasnt game related (ie. anime vendors, cosplay) was pretty rare.

I found several cool new games…and some sequels to my favorites, so all in all a good mix! 😀 Some of my favorite finds at PAX:

  • Jack Lumber (like fruit ninja! But better!)
  • Beat Buddy (I was dancing in my seat while I played this at the PC Freeplay area)
  • Prof Layton and the Miracle Mask! I was relieved to see that they used 3D wisely and didnt abandon their beautiful 2D art. Excellent puzzles, as always.

Now, the wait for PAX 2013 begins!


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