Oh Mah Gah: I drew a wolf

I was not one of those people who like wolves. They were fine animals to me, of course, but I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the most amazing shirt in the universe. I didn’t give a thought to anthropomorphized wolves (although this movie is quite awesome) and the Starks were never my favorite ASOIAF family*.

That all ended when….I DREW A FRIGGIN’ WOLF.


Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just learned that wolves are super fun to draw. My wolf came out half bald, sporting a Cruella de Vil look and very different ears…and it was still a pleasure to draw.

This video by Mr Mark Crilley a.k.a. Master of Youtube Drawing Videos was really fun and easy to follow. He does a really good job of keeping things simple and explaining why he does each step.

I haven’t drawn much lately, but I think that following videos like these will keep my drawing muscles going!

Say…I think I’ll draw something next week!


In completely unrelated news, I started playing the demo for Ni No Kuni : Wrath of the White Witch. I wasn’t a huge fan of the two levels shared in the demo, but I was definitely convinced that the art in this game is/will be out of this world. Hearing little (What’s his name? I’m calling him Nemo.) apologize to this mother when he lost a battle – yes I died multiple times – absolutely broke my heart.

My only problem with the demo was the 25 min time limit for each level. The demo was almost 2 GB in size, and I would have appreciated some time to bask in the glory that is this game.

That’s all for now!


P.S. – Bloggers, what the heck happened to the wordpress UI?

* Unnecessary Game of Thrones Rant : I can’t stand Cat, or Sansa, or the little one, OR ROBB. There I said it, I cannot stand Robb Stark. Jon Snow all the way!


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