Poll time! Pick the next Polycrafter review

It’s that time of the year, I’m getting ready to pick a few things from that will later be reviewed.

In the past I’ve just picked the most fun items I could find (and afford!) but this time I want to hear from YOU: Friends, Family, Followers and Random Visitors…which of these would you like to see in a future review?

The poll will be open until Friday, Jan 25th, so vote away -I mean, vote once. 🙂

Examples of what I’d like to review:

Candy DIY Kit   | Craft DIY Kit  | Plushie , Figurine | Kitchen |Home  , Beauty

And here are some things I’ve reviewed in the past:

How is this all possible?  As an affiliate of JBox I get a small percentage of sales made using my affiliate link. I use the credit at the store to get more awesome things to review, but this time you get to pick what I review!




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