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Cute “Kitchenware” + Candy Review

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Review Time! I stopped by Jbox a few months ago and bought some adorable “kitchenware” and candy I had been pining after. As a result of reviewing these, I learned about an awesome game that I’d like to try, and came to some terrible conclusions about strawberries. Yes, strawberries.

Airou x Kitty cup


I’m ashamed to admit I had no idea who Airou was when I bought this cup (Internet to the rescue! ), but I’m quite intrigued now. Maybe a game I should play? It seems to me like a hyper-cute version of Animal Crossing…on steroids.

About the actual cup…It comes with a lid I found a little useless, but I imagine that makes it  a good to-go cup. I use it every now and then for a quick drink, since its not very large.I saw on sale at eBay for around $20 and its honestly not worth that much. It was $5.50 when I bought it and it was “OK”.  Remember, I’m pretty obsessed with Japanese dollar stores …and the $1.50 price tag grows on you. 🙂

Chocolate Decoration for Pocky

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This kit is probably the best value of the haul ($3.25).  Just melt some chocolate, pour into mold, place pocky and cover with more chocolate. Thirty minutes in the fridge should make these solid.

They are pretty big and perfect for sharing. I cant wait to try different kinds of chocolate with this.

Kabaya Ju-C Color Ball

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This candy had pretty fantastic packaging and I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. There’s also a bonus crow (who reminds me of this guy)  on the lid and he catches a hard candy piece for you (or at least that’s how I’m using it.)  I reached the conclusion that strawberry candy always sucks (except these bad boys) …and melon is awesome.

(Pro Tip:  Once empty, this container is perfect for storing hair clips. Oh yea!)

Sushi gummies


Eh. These were ok. It wasnt that fun to take the sushi apart, as some of the “rice” gummies had melted together. The taste isn’t anything spectacular so I wouldn’t bother with these unless you find the sushi cute. I’m keeping the plastic mold these came in (I’ll find a use for it!) .


This is not a sponsored post, but as a J-list affiliate, I get a small percent of purchases made through the J-List links on this blog. I use the commission to purchase and review interesting items like the ones on this post! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cute “Kitchenware” + Candy Review”

  1. I don’t know who Airou is, either, but I’m tempted to do some research because this cup is so adorable! However, I have to admit that all of the cute little candies in this post are even more interesting to me 😉

    1. I was so sad when I ran out of the candy….hehe, at least blogging will preserve them in their complete state.

      Thanks for stopping by Cee! ;D Your latest blog post was great!

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