Game of Thrones Lemoncakes & Crafts

I tried and failed to make lemon cakes about a week ago, and I was almost convinced I’d never try baking again (trust me, they were TERRIBLE). Thankfully, the Game of Thrones Season 3 premiere inspired me to try the lemon cakes again. By the old gods and the new, these were some tasty lemon cakes!


I relied on the awesome Medieval Lemon cake recipe from The Inn At The Crossroads both times. I’m not sure what went wrong the first time I tried the recipe, all I know is the “cakes” were so hard they were inedible. 😦


…But Last Sunday’s batch was fantastic. I beat the batter by hand carefully and I think the hard work paid off. The resulting lemoncakes were soft, fluffy, and deliciously lemony. I think Sansa Stark would approve.

In related projects…I went on a mini crafting spree and printed out a few banners to decorate my living room while some friends and I watched the Season 3 premiere.


I used these banners by MrBubulino for the sigil garland. The sigils on sticks (imagine these are 100 feet tall will you?), are little print outs of Tom Gateley’s awesome set of posters. You can see his deviant art page here or get some merch at this page.


(I couldn’t decide where these looked less tiny….b/c they were very tiny. We ended up leaving them on the blinds. 🙂 )

I’m proposing we use these to cheer on  (or harass) characters throughout the season. Yes, I’m gone full ASOIAF fan, and I am not coming back. (But seriously, if you want to talk R+L= J  or what’s up with that black cat at King’s Landing….I’m all ears. The forums and ASOAIAF subreddit are a great place to read more about theories and I find A Podcast of Ice & Fire hilarious and entertaining. )

All in all, a great weekend for crafting…and I’m already a fan of Season 3.  🙂



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