2013 Garden

My current apartment doesn’t have much exposure to the sun, and after a few failed plants I had pretty much given up on growing something here. Still, a few months ago I remembered how much fun I had gardening in my previous apartment,  and I decided to make the most of what I get here and find ingenious ways to create a comfortable growing space.

This year I’m attempting to plant:


Top row from left to right: Green Onion, Basil

Bottom row from left to right: Recao, Arugula, Red Lettuce

After soaking the seeds for a day I planted them (around March 12) and have been carefully watering them. I’ve gotten the seeds mixed up (my fault for not labeling the pots!) and now I have no idea which is which. I think the basil is doing best but the lettuce is struggling.

We had several pretty days in Seattle, and these little plants soaked in as much sun as they could. I leave them by the only south-facing window and let them enjoy the sun (or the clouds) all day.


I’m also trying the impossible and growing recao (used often in Puerto Rican cooking)  in a mini rotisserie chicken bowl/greenhouse. The greenhouse warms up on hot days and the water inside keeps it humid.

I was out-of-town for a few days and I was certain that very  few of the plants would survive (least likely of all the recao). I decided to leave only the recao inside while I was gone and leave the other four to fend for themselves outside. After returning I found the lettuce and argula dead and gone, but the basil and the carrots had managed to survive. The recao was growing slowly, but it was growing!

I’ve kept them inside this week, and have seen at least one of each plant show up. Looks like there is still hope for the lettuce and arugula. As they grow stronger I’ll try to move them outside.

Check out my plant babies:


Green onion growing steadily


My recao! It grows! (But I think some basil might have sneaked to the side!)Image

Basil growing like its nobody’s business

So far so good, lets see if we can harvest something good this year!



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