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I’ve been learning the basics of growing sprouts at home, because while I love gardening, my current apartment has a terrible sunlight situation. So sprouts it is.

I learned most of the basics in this video the Chicago Botanical Garden:

I think this guy wins the award for “Happiest Person on the Internet”! I love seeing people excited about what they do.

The video got me excited enough to pick up a bag of sprouts at Whole Foods. This 4oz bag was about $5 USD but you can find them online for a much better price.

WP_001039 WP_001042

For sprouting adventure 1.0 I just used some cheesecloth and a rubber band as a water filter. I wash sprouts about twice and a day and make sure that all water was gone after each cleaning.

After version 1.0 proved to be a success, my bf kindly volunteered to create some of the jars for sprouting and now we have a neat little collection of sprouting jars (below).

WP_001162I tried also tried to sprout some azuki beans with no success, but I suspect those were just old and dried up.

Growing sprouts has become and exciting weekly project, and I’m now trying to venture into growing more each week and changing up the seeds I grow.



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