Do your thing! : lessons from Janelle Monae

“Are we really living or just walking dead now?”

I admire artists that “do their thing” and urge others to do theirs. Janelle Monae has created a rich, inventive and fascinating universe with The Metropolis Suite, and shares it with us in Metropolis: The Chase Suite & The Archandroid .  The Metropolis Suites explore the misadventures of a cyborg called Cindi Mayweather, who lives in an artificial future riddled with oppressive rules like who can love who. Cindi’s love for a human (Anthony Greendown) brings the force of The Droid Control after her…and a chase with seemingly no end begins. Through the albums we see Cindi explore her confusion with the current state of things, her fear, but most importantly, her realization of who she is.


Cindi Mayweather’s story is too long and profound to explore in one blog post, and the true joy of listening to music is figuring out the meaning in your own life. What I can tell you is that after listening to this lady’s albums I’ve found a new way to see what goes on around me and a new way to find inspiration. Listening to each album is also a therapy session, forcing you to be honest about how you think we should be living, and what we should spending our human energy on.

In  The Archandroid Janelle goes above and beyond and includes information on what topic inspired each song: Princess Leia’s hair buns, Bob Marley’s smile, Dali & Disney’s masterful short ‘Destino’, among others. It had never occurred me to think about just what inspired artists; I just assumed they busted out songs like machines. But with this little detail I can see how even I can turn things that inspire me into something new I can share with the world

I leave you with the video for “Destino”, which inspired my favorite song in The Archandroid, “Sir Greendown”. I recommend you watch it and come up with your own interpretation:

So get out there, do ya thang, and do not restrict your imagination!


This is not a sponsored post, I just really enjoy listening to and writing about Janelle Monae. 🙂


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