That 70s Crochet Cushion cover

This summer has been a whirlwind of hiking, BBQs with friends, visiting friends/family and just being outside!

Still, crochet has not been neglected… so would like to share my pride and joy…a crochet cushion  cover.


The inspiration for this project came from a cushion in the basement set of  That 70s show. This project was perfect amount of quirky, funky and practical…and working with that rainbow yarn is just an f-ing joy.

My pattern is based on Lollipop Tree Lane’s cushion cover (which I’m pretty sure used to be free but is now for sale on ravelry.)  I wasn’t a huge fan of buttoning two sides of a cushion together, so I made some alterations in order to end up with only one piece.

For those crocheters looking to follow this alteration:

  • Follow pattern or crochet a flat circle matching the size of your cushion.
  • Get to the widest point of the cover
  • Continue without increasing or decreasing until you cover half the cushion
  • Begin decreasing, ensuring in every round that your cover fits, until you are able to wrap around the cushion without the cover falling off
  • You can leave as is or weave a drawstring around the last round to tighten
  • Note: This cover WILL STRETCH so I recommend you make it tight. My cover has gotten a bit too loose for my liking so I might frog this halfway and reduce even more stitches.


Have you been inspired by TV shows sets in your crafts?



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