2013 Apartment Garden: Flowers and Rain!

As summer wraps up, I’ve accepted the fact that we’re done with sun for this year. Thanks for this year’s sun, Seattle. Someone actually said I looked tanned. Anyway, let’s look back at the 2013 window garden.

I started with some lettuces and herbs at the beginning of the  year. Of course, I forgot to mention how all those plants died. I blame it on my spring vacations. Some time later I decided to start again with sturdier plants, so basil, peppers and chives came into the picture.

The 2013 window garden gave me plenty of basil and chives. Both pepper plants have grown fruit, but I’m waiting until the peppers are fully grown to harvest. In the meantime I’m looking through polenta and pepper recipes.

My favorite thing about this year’s garden has been  flowering of my little Ikea cactus. Thank you, Ikea. Four years later, and this impulse purchase continues to pay off.


Wouldn’t this be a beautiful subject for a drawing?

So as the new season settles in, I’m taking out my rain gear, cleaning around what’s left of my garden, and planning for comfort food this fall.  I can’t complain, every fall in Seattle has been beautiful and I can’t wait until all leaves are red, yellow and orange.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the rain…

The two images below should be at full screen and with these links in new tabs:  this link  & this link .

Have you been growing anything by your window?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to read about your garden!



4 thoughts on “2013 Apartment Garden: Flowers and Rain!”

  1. I’m lucky enough to have a balcony herb garden but it’s south facing, so a week in Cabo in July almost did the Basil in. Thankfully it survived with some nursing when we got home 🙂 because it was intended for basil pesto!

    1. Wonderful! I can’t wait to have some real space to leave my plants.
      Good job healing the basil back to life! Vacations can be so disastrous for little plants…hehe

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