How to: Crochet amigurumi flower pot

This amigurimi flower-pot is both beautiful and fun to make. I think this is the perfect weekend project for someone itching to crochet something quick and rewarding.


I started with Lion Brand’s Amigurumi potted plant pattern (you’ll need a free account to download the pattern) and grabbed scrap yarn from my stash.

Crocheting the “brick” pot was pretty straightforward, but I recommend starting with a magic loop to ensure nothing spills from the bottom. I suggest you use an earthy color to simulate brick or clay pots…or maybe a dark green like the plastic containers flowers are sold in.

Next, fill the pot to give it some weight and shape. The pattern recommends using polyfill pellets and polyfill fiber . I used these materials but I say go the extra mile and put those polyfill pellets inside a tied pantyhose sock or tulle. That way you ensure none of those pellets escape through loose stitches.

Next, crochet the circle top  (the earth) where you will later sew the flowers onto. You can make this green like the leaves or maybe even brown, like the earth it’s supposed to be. This is a straightforward circle, but make sure your circle fits comfortably inside the pot. The top circle goes inside the pot and should overlap.

Now you can go wild crocheting flowers and leaves. You can make them in absolutely any color and any shape. Hell, they don’t have to be flowers.  I recommend going for two colors the first time around to keep it simple. Use a magic loop to make the flowers since that will ensure your flowers look neat at the center.

Once you are happy with your pot, top, flowers and leaves I recommend you arrange everything without sewing anything on. This is will let you see if you need more flowers, leaves and if your colors truly look good together. I ended up with more flowers than I needed, but this is a matter of personal taste.


If you follow one recommendation on this post, follow this one: sew the flowers on to the top circle first. The pattern recommends sewing the top to the pot first, then sewing the flowers on to the pot. In my experience I’ve found that sewing the flowers onto the circle first makes for an easier experience.

Now you should have a circle with many pretty flowers and leaves. Remember to sew a French knot in the center of the flowers in a color of your choosing. After all these steps you may sew the top to the pot (assuming the pot has been filled).

And that was it! Simple…no? Ok, there are a lot of steps but at the root of it are all very simple stitches. Each part is so small and quick to make, the project works up quickly and you see the fruit of your labor in no time.

I’m planning on making this pattern again soon in a variety of colors. It’s a perfect weekend project that you can give to friends as gifts.

Peace out!



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