Tiny Death Star – Managing space stations is fun!

I first downloaded Tiny Death Star (or T.S.D. as I’m going to call it) months ago when I first saw the adorably pixellated rebels and minions of the empire. When I realized it was a Tiny Tower type game I put it aside because I thought that at my age I was over these types of games. I was wrong. Very wrong.

During a five-hour flights back from Puerto Rico, I turned on T.D.S. and fell into a pit of addiction that I’ll never crawl out of, I hope. Playing T.D.S. is addictive but still fits nicely into my schedule. You work for Darth Vader and ensure that the Death Star is a never-ending tower of progress. My favorite thing to do is evict unskilled bitizens and put more talented people in their place. BWAHAHAHA!  The lack of feeling of responsibility is liberating!

There are some minor bugs that I’ve run into, but these are surpassed by my love for this game. Read on for adorable pixellated capitalism and some commentary on the game…


I call this bitizen Doctor Papanoida. He thinks he’s the antichrist and has crazy looking red hair. I evicted him on the day of his birthday.

***Tiny Death Star mission spoilers below***

  • Find Bitizens mission: Like many on the internet, I had no idea what Palpatine meant when this mission came up. Turns out you need to wait until the random event “Find a Bitizen” pops up (See C-3PO example below).
  • Find 30 Bitizens: I still havent completed this mission, because it appears that you need 30 citizens FROM THE MOMENT YOU GET THIS MISSION. This mission is getting on my nerves because I have no idea how many citizens that is. So on we go filling up the station…
  • Broken star button :  In the Bitizens menu, you can sort bitizens by skill area, but there’s also a filter for “Star”….which I’m guessing means “Dream job” but is doing nothing of sort

**End spoilers**

The problems in the game are minor, but I hope we see a new WP8 game update that fixes these issues.


At first I thought turning in the rebels would take me on a “dark path” of T.D.S….but turning in rebel scum is very rewarding! $_$

After several weeks of playing, I think what set this game apart from the original Tiny Tower is the familiar faces that pop up in the game. Knowing the different players in the game and reading the character descriptions in the Album give the game a hint of nostalgia and lightheartedness.


The boss is a hard ass and  keeps a closer look on the profit than I consider healthy.

-Peace out!


P.S.  – Calling this game T.D.S. makes me wish there was a T.D.S.9 ! Imagine pixellated Odo, Quark and Benjamin Sisko running a mini station! 🙂


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