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Redmond’s Mice Overlords: Recipe for Love

This weekend delivered more rain than I’ve probably seen all year. So naturally, I wanted to be outside.   Despite the rain I had a fantastic encounter with Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders production Recipe for Love.


Imagine an outdoor interactive play where its not just the audience participating, but also the town itself. Even though it was pouring , dozens of people gathered around a maypole and enjoyed a musical about the ingredients for the recipe of love. The color pink stood out: pink cake ladies, a pink may pole and many guests dressed in pink.

What followed was an adorable musical of baking mice and living cake people…And as a baker, it made me realize there is such a thing as being a baking geek.


At the end of the play, five GRAND GOLDEN EGGS (really, there is no other way to describe them) were rolled to center of the park. The ringmaster/baking mouse professor then instructed the audience to:


Seriously, we were all yelling “That is my egg! That is my egg!”.



And we did. We , as in all 300 of us, went in five different directions and marched after our eggs. I’m pretty sure I lost track of “my egg” and ended up following someone else’s. Throughout it all, we were joined by jazz bands, trycycle riding mice and of course…


Traffic-directing bunnies. I know. It’s adorable. And bizarre.


Keep in mind, it was raining during most of this adventure. The fact that no one seemed to care it was raining only added to the uniqueness of what was going on.


So we all walked and laughed and waved at people in apartments. I saw a very classy man sipping on martini as he watched us from a balcony. It felt like a wet Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. It was fabulous.



At the end of the “Promenade” we all gathered at the maypole and yup, we danced. I kept stopping to think every once in a while and say to myself “It’s raining. I’m dancing in the rain around a maypole and holding hands with a stranger dressed as a baker. This is normal.” Again, I love it.

Once the maypole dance ended the “baking professor mouse” said we could go to the Cake Library. Let me stop you right there. Read carefully….Cake Library. This, ladies and gentleman is now my favorite thing in the world. We need to make cake libraries a thing! Leave a cake, eat a cake!


So we ran to the cake library (a.k.a. City Hall) and ,let me tell you, I think there were more people than they expected. Cake Library was self serve, so it takes a while for 300 people to pick a cake and slice it. I was able to grab three cupcakes for me and my companions and run home. It was a great day of bizarre fun.






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