DIY T-shirt resizing

What do you do with a shirt that’s too large? Sleep in it? Heck no! You fix that bad boy and wear it proudly. When people tell you how well your t shirt fits you can smile with the knowledge that you fixed it yourself.

Keep reading for a simple tutorial on how to size down a large shirt. ???????????


1 shirt to be sized down

1 shirt that fits you well (No, you wont have to destroy it! 🙂 )

thread in color similar to shirt

sewing machine or sewing needle

Tailor’s chalk pencil or  water soluble color pencil





1. Lay down your Extra large shirt on a flat surface and place the shirt that fits well on top. Notice how much is going to be cut on the sides and (optionally) under the sleeves.


2.Turn both shirts inside out and pin them against a flat surface, larger shirt on the bottom. (I used a flattened cardboard box covered in cloth, but this optional.) Make sure that you align the shirts from the shoulders and the sleeves are extended.


3. With a color pencil or tailors chalk pencil mark the outline of the top shirt on the bottom shirt. You can outline the bottom of the shirt but in my case I chose to keep the shirts original length (so no cuts were made at the bottom). Keeping the original bottom of the shirt will also help you line up the sides and keep that nice fold of the bottom.


4.Remove the top shirt and fix any lines in the outline. Once you’re happy with the outline start pinning along the line you just made.


5. At this point I suggest carefully turning the shirt right side out and checking that any designs on the front and back of the shirt are aligned correctly. After checking, turn the shirt inside out again and check your lines one last time.

6. You’re ready to cut the extra cloth on the sides. Take a deep breath and starting from the bottom,  cut the sides away. (Optional) If the sleeves are too big, cut them off the torso and remove any extra cloth under the sleeve.



7. With a sewing machine or by hand sewing, sew along both sides of the shirt, remembering to stop once you reach the sleeves.


8. When the torso is sewn back together , try the shirt on and see how it fits. If you didn’t cut out the sleeves you would be done at this step.  If you cut out the sleeves and like it sleeveless, you’re also done!???????????

9.  (Optional)If the neckline or design of the shirt is too low, you can cut the seam at the shoulder and remove some fabric. I only removed about two inches from the front and sewed the shoulders back together. This left a little bunching on the back of my arm,but I can live with it.



10. When the torso of the shirt is complete you can sew back any sleeves you’ve cut off. Align them from the shoulders and remember not to sew the sleeves shut! Tip: Look between the sleeve and torso for any holes and sew them shut as well.


11. Cut away any extra fabric at the seams and any loose string.


And that’s it. Remember that you don’t need to do all this at once. You can trim the width, lengths, or sleeves of any t-shirt and see how you like the new fit. Once you try this you’ll wonder why you ever wore a shirt that was too large for you.


Peace out!




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