Video Roundup: Grace Hopper Conference 2014 speakers

This week (but really, this whole fall) my geeky side is jumping for joy since I finally get to go to the Grace Hopper Conference/Celebration . This event focuses on women in technology (students, faculty, industry, etc) and is a three day marathon of awesome talks, training and networking opportunities.

I’m not familiar with several of the speakers so I thought I’d learn a little bit about them before hand. Too often I attend talks where it turns out I don’t like or simply can’t follow the speakers presentation style. This also helps me get a background understanding of what the speaker is all about and what I can expect from their session at GHC.

I’d like to share this collection of YouTube links where you can check out some of his years GHC speakers:

  • Yoky Matsuoka (VP of Technology, Nest)
  • Elizabeth Churchill (Director of Human Computer Interaction, ebay)
  • Lorrie Faith Cranor (Director of the Carnegie Mellon Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory)
  • Bonnie Ross ( GM, 343 Industries)
  • Linda Northrop (Chief Scientist, SEI)
  • Rayid Ghani (Research Director, University of Chicago)
  • Jo Miller (CEO, Women’s Leadership Conference)
  • Denise Brosseau (Coach/Consultant , Thought Leadership Lab)

I’m excited to visit a new place, meet a bunch of awesome people and geek out like there’s no tomorrow. Phoenix, here I come!

Will you be at GHC this year or have you attended in the past? Let me know in the comments!



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