DIY Embroidery Wall Art (Darby Smart design + Promo Code)

I’m very excited to share that an embroidery design I worked on last year was just launched as an Embroidery Wall Art idea on darbysmart.com! You can follow along the instructions there and purchase any materials you are missing. I really love some of the fabrics they used in the examples.

Embroidery Wall Art

This was a fun project for me to make and it’s still hanging happily in my craft room. The quote I chose was a motivational saying I love: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!” I glance at it every day and remember that nothing gets done just by thinking about it. In the works of the inimitable Tim Gunn: “Make it work!” .

I used a blank canvas wrapped in geode fabric while Darby Smart followed the steps using an embroidery hoop & canvas, so you can see there are so many possibilities. Just hang fabric somewhere and get embroiderin’.

Let me know if you make some & happy crafting!


For the next seven days (so ending on June 30) you can also use my promo code to get 25% anything on the shop. The code is ozdqyy25 and expires on June 30.


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