Polycrafter’s crafting corner

My husband and I moved to a new apartment earlier this year, and one of our goals was to get a dedicated craft/work room for us to share. After a lot of organizing, purging and reorganizing we’ve come to a neatly organized craft room that can fit everything we both need to work happily.

Polycrafters craft room

The first thing we realized was needed was some vertical storage for in progress projects and supplies. We found a neat shelf on sale at Home Depot (left on the pic below) that has proved very sturdy and easy to assemble.  For the side of the shelf I whipped together a little cover that helps keep things visually organized and also helps cover the late sun glare .


For my desk I have a simple Ikea student desk. The bottom of the large drawer is falling apart and the top is scratched to oblivion, which makes working on messy stuff easier. On this same desk I have a paper filing mini shelf, where I put all my stationary,stickers and pending bills. I hope to upgrade this desk soon, but for now I’m happy with it.

Detail of craft wall

The high light of my side of my side of the craft room is of course, THE GIANT WALL OF ART. On the wall I stare at most often I have pieces from Seattle-based artists I admire like Stasia Burrington, ENFU, and Justin Hillgrove. There are also a few things I worked on that, while not on par with some of the other art there, definitely motivates me to keep trying and continue improving.

Cute Grit, Yotsuba and Russel Wilson

And that’s my side of the craft room!  What’s your creative space like?


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