DIY Chesire Cat costume accessories (Crochet)

Its that time of the year again, where I scramble at the last minute to make a Halloween costume!


This year I’m planning on dressing up as the Cheshire Cat, in the style of the 1951  Alice in Wonderland Disney movie. The Cheshire cat and I go a long way, and if you’ve read this blog long enough you might recall it was once called “We’re all mad here”….a Cheshire Cat quote!

This year I decided to crochet the accessories for my costume, and get the rest of my costume as clothes I’m actually going to wear later. I love dressing in purple, so this is a win-win for my closet!

Here’s what I’ve made up until now:


Cat Ears : I will start by saying I was super disappointed by most of the cat ears I saw in stores and online, so this was the first element I knew I’d crochet.

I was lucky to quickly find an easy & free pattern on Ravelry for chesire cat ears. The pattern is called “Chesire Cat Headband” and it was designed by What an easy pattern!  My favorite thing about these is the hair band is striped and the ears fold easily. I may make this again in black if I ever need a black cat costume.


Cat Tail: You can’t be a Cheshire Cat without a tail! Unless you pretend youre a cheshire cat in the middle of a disappearing act and your tail is invisible. Seriously, I considered this because the tail was a tough one. I was super close to buying one of those furry tails they sell at Spencers and Hot topic, but I really wanted the tail to perfectly match the ears, so I made one.

ENTER, furries! I found a GREAT tutorial to make your own furry tail. The tutorial is called “DIY Fox Tail Tutorial” and it was made by Jennifer at “iSaveAtoZ”. The only downsides are that it requires a lot of time and yarn. Since I’m low on free time this week I opted to braid my yarn. I followed one of the tips from the tutorial above and used a clean pet brush to make the end of the tail. Its soooo soft and fluffy. Seriously, if you have the time and need a tail try the tutorial. I may even go Cheshire Cat 2.0 next year just so I can make a proper tail.

I used about 12 strands of yarn, which originally looped around my waist and went all the way down to my knees.  Note! The length of the finished braid will be about 2/3 of the length of yarn you cut, so allow for some shrinkage.  Since I wasn’t very wary of this, I ended up with a shorter braid than I wanted and had to tie it to the back loop of my pants. My original plan was to split the braid halfway and tie it around my waist.

Still, Im quite happy with how this one turned out….considering it was mostly improvised!



Finally….a peter pan colllar! Yes, we’re mixing up fairy tales up in here!

I realized that the tail and the ears were not enough and I needed to tie my outfit together with one last matched accessory.

So in the middle of the night I made this super easy peter pan collar and alternated the double crochet rows with my chesire car colors. The pattern is called “Crochet Peter Pan Collar” and was designed by Mel Paton. The button is light purple, but if I can I’ll replace it with something more….WILD!

These were all quite easy to make…but my costume isnt finished. Im going to test out some chesire cat makeup and even a chesire cat at home manicure. : D

Are you dressing up this week? Any crafty plans for your costume? Id love to hear from you, dear readers!



P.S. – Oh and in case you are wondering….the top is from Jc Penney online and the pants are a Gloria Vanderbilt thrift shop find!


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