Halloween Fun with Glow in the Dark Hot Glue

I visited Daiso the other day, and ran into  Glow in the Dark hot glue! I’d never seen this before and this sparked a lot of ideas…mostly halloween themed. I’ve used the hot glue more like sculpture and not as an adhesive.


For only $1.50….I couldn’t say no.



I started out playing with handwriting…This “BOOO” required several passes…I also made a little ghost with eyes made with marker. To the right a little spider and….


A spiderweb! Making this was quite relaxing. Watching all the spiders in my little garden paid off!


I also ventured into some jewerly making.


The day after I spent some time making more “BOoo!”s and another little ghost.



I really liked how this one turned out…


And I also went “freestyle” and made this “Mike Wasowski” looking monster…


And here it is! They glow in the dark quite well…My husband has a black light flashlight that helped enhance the effect. The glow in the dark “particles” can be see quite clearly…so think less”Glow in the dark stick” and more “Glow in the dark sprinkles”.


I’ve decorated some of our wedding photographs with these…


And now I can’t wait to show these off at a party!




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