Polycrafter’s crafting corner

My husband and I moved to a new apartment earlier this year, and one of our goals was to get a dedicated craft/work room for us to share. After a lot of organizing, purging and reorganizing we’ve come to a neatly organized craft room that can fit everything we both need to work happily.

Polycrafters craft room

The first thing we realized was needed was some vertical storage for in progress projects and supplies. We found a neat shelf on sale at Home Depot (left on the pic below) that has proved very sturdy and easy to assemble.  For the side of the shelf I whipped together a little cover that helps keep things visually organized and also helps cover the late sun glare .


For my desk I have a simple Ikea student desk. The bottom of the large drawer is falling apart and the top is scratched to oblivion, which makes working on messy stuff easier. On this same desk I have a paper filing mini shelf, where I put all my stationary,stickers and pending bills. I hope to upgrade this desk soon, but for now I’m happy with it.

Detail of craft wall

The high light of my side of my side of the craft room is of course, THE GIANT WALL OF ART. On the wall I stare at most often I have pieces from Seattle-based artists I admire like Stasia Burrington, ENFU, and Justin Hillgrove. There are also a few things I worked on that, while not on par with some of the other art there, definitely motivates me to keep trying and continue improving.

Cute Grit, Yotsuba and Russel Wilson

And that’s my side of the craft room!  What’s your creative space like?

Zodiac Fuzzy Poster – Complete!

I first shared this poster while it was in progress, about a year ago. I’m happy to report it is now finished and adorning our craft room wall. While I don’t follow astrology predictions, I do enjoy learning about the signs, the constellations behind them and what patterns are observed for each sign.

Fuzzy Zodiac Poster

I used fine tip permanent markers for most of the poster, but for larger sections like the border I used the markers that came with the poster. They are not as high quality, but they were very effective for getting large chunks of work done.

I am particularly fond of the trees in this poster. The marker ink layered up nicely and created unexpected bark effects on the tree trunks. A similar effect happened on the earth globe, where marker layers created an “ocean current” look.

For those interested in making their own: I found this at the kids art section of Bartell’s drug store. I suggest checking your nearest “all in one” drug store to see if you find one similar. If you do, please share!  I think I may need another one soon, this is very addicting. 😀


Redmond’s Mice Overlords: Recipe for Love

This weekend delivered more rain than I’ve probably seen all year. So naturally, I wanted to be outside.   Despite the rain I had a fantastic encounter with Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders production Recipe for Love.


Imagine an outdoor interactive play where its not just the audience participating, but also the town itself. Even though it was pouring , dozens of people gathered around a maypole and enjoyed a musical about the ingredients for the recipe of love. The color pink stood out: pink cake ladies, a pink may pole and many guests dressed in pink.

What followed was an adorable musical of baking mice and living cake people…And as a baker, it made me realize there is such a thing as being a baking geek.


At the end of the play, five GRAND GOLDEN EGGS (really, there is no other way to describe them) were rolled to center of the park. The ringmaster/baking mouse professor then instructed the audience to:


Seriously, we were all yelling “That is my egg! That is my egg!”.



And we did. We , as in all 300 of us, went in five different directions and marched after our eggs. I’m pretty sure I lost track of “my egg” and ended up following someone else’s. Throughout it all, we were joined by jazz bands, trycycle riding mice and of course…


Traffic-directing bunnies. I know. It’s adorable. And bizarre.


Keep in mind, it was raining during most of this adventure. The fact that no one seemed to care it was raining only added to the uniqueness of what was going on.


So we all walked and laughed and waved at people in apartments. I saw a very classy man sipping on martini as he watched us from a balcony. It felt like a wet Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. It was fabulous.



At the end of the “Promenade” we all gathered at the maypole and yup, we danced. I kept stopping to think every once in a while and say to myself “It’s raining. I’m dancing in the rain around a maypole and holding hands with a stranger dressed as a baker. This is normal.” Again, I love it.

Once the maypole dance ended the “baking professor mouse” said we could go to the Cake Library. Let me stop you right there. Read carefully….Cake Library. This, ladies and gentleman is now my favorite thing in the world. We need to make cake libraries a thing! Leave a cake, eat a cake!


So we ran to the cake library (a.k.a. City Hall) and ,let me tell you, I think there were more people than they expected. Cake Library was self serve, so it takes a while for 300 people to pick a cake and slice it. I was able to grab three cupcakes for me and my companions and run home. It was a great day of bizarre fun.





Jean Giraud a.k.a Moebius

I’m just going to put this out there: I don’t really care for most comics. Or superheroes. I havent even seen The Avengers (though I keep hearing great things.)I just read some manga every now and then and catch up w/web comics every few weeks.

Point being, I havent been exposed to many comic artists. And boy am I missing out.

A few months ago I ran into a Reddit post with a drawing by Jean Giraud a.k.a. Moebius. This post might have changed my life. It depicted one of his “Voyage D’Hermes” pieces and I found the whole image too beautiful to comprehend.

Continue reading “Jean Giraud a.k.a Moebius”

Art around the house

I realized that my bathroom was lacking some serious happiness so the bf and I decided to make some art.

The materials needed to make this are:

  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Cups of different sizes (I used 3 in my example)
  • Something to hang your canvas with (I used push pins!)

Get your canvas ready and paint all over it with a single color. I mixed some blue & white. I really wanted a lighter color but it just didn’t happen with the amount of paint I had on hand.

Next, decide how many colors you want for your bubbles. It can be as simple as white…but I went crazy and made green, yellow, orange, pink and purple bubbles. Cover the edge of a cup with paint and stamp onto the canvas.

To make the bubble look more realistic paint a little colored “shadow” at the bottom. Then with white paint a shining curve at the top. It doesn’t matter which way the white and the shadow are….as long at they’re opposite and you are consistent throughout all the bubbles.

Repeat as many times as you like….fill up the canvas with bubbles…or maybe make it subtle with just a few!

And speaking of art around the house ….I finally framed and hung my signed Penny Arcade poster!

I got this poster signed back in Sakuracon in 2007 and I have treasured it this whole time. I thought it was due for some recognition and now you can see it while walking around the apartment. Mike & Jerry are seriously my favorite comic artists and the longegivity of their strip (and how it stays relevant) is seriously a tremendous achievement.

That’s all for now! Im out!



Little London Fan Art

I’m so into the Little London minigame these days that I’ve actually started making fan art.

This is a super rough sketch with some color added to give an idea of how it will look in the end.

© Laura Cruz

Most of my art tends to look super “sketchy” b/c I honestly like it more that way and I feel it hides a lot of the imperfections.

This drawing is my character…I forgot her name (Turuleka I think?)…driving the bus like a madwoman. Bus driving is seriously one of my favorite things to do in that game even though it is terribly boring. Its one of my favorite ways to make money…I mean, “wealth”.

Her attire is basically the whole princess set plus beret and a kickass eye patch. Oh and she’s wearing zebra gloves…because I have like twenty of them. Sometimes I just have her spend the whole day in the princess suit b/c I hate changing her outfit.

I’m going to fix the line art, add some passengers to the bus and maybe a pedestrian or two in the way. But I was pretty happy with this first version so I wanted to share.

This was done in Gimp with my Bamboo tablet. Still getting used to drawing with a tablet and I miss Photoshop oh so much (but Im cheap)…

Some of my favorite things

I wanted to make a quick photo-heavy post of what my favorite things are lately. It’s a special set of things I’ve been carrying with me everywhere and make my day a little brighter.

First a Pony Brown agenda I purchased on eBay. I saw it on a spanish shopping site a while ago and fell in love.

Do I need an agenda? No.

Is it reasonably priced? No.

Am I in love with this agenda? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Each weekly page has a different drawing of the cutest little girl. Some of the text is in Korean and I cannot tell what it says, but it’s lovely.

The agenda came with lots and LOTS of stickers to use throughout the agenda. It even has some to mark the months of the year. So cute.

Another book I carry with me a lot is a sketch pad I bought ages ago. Right now I’m learning about drawing landscapes and how to attract the eye’s attention.

I also carry a MyMelody pen I bought a while ago, and it’s the silliest cutest pink pen. It has two different ink colors that you can select – yes- by pressing MyMelody’s ears.

Finally, my new best friend is my new/old Very Bradley bag. I found this at the thrift shop for $7 dollars. A ridiculous price for such a unique bag. I looked it up online and the design is a super old one (1995-1997). It’s quite beat up but I adore it. It has a lot of space and pockets and since it doesn’t really match anything, then I can carry it whenever.

 And there you go. Those are some of my favorite things that have now become my daily cargo. 😉

110 Film has been developed!

Remember that crappy little camera I bought a few months ago? I found Dwayne’s Photo and they developed the 110 film and for less that I thought. It also arrived promptly and Im quite happy with the results. Im so happy I bought that little camera. It works perfectly!  I think I’ll be buying more film for Bonnaroo! 😀

These are my favorite pics…

Taken by Javy in a field near work.

Taken by my brother after I begged him to take a picture of me being emo.

Sick days with Paprika…

I was still feeling terrible yesterday and decided to stay home from work.

…and apparently being sick is amazing for my creative energy.

I’m drawing one of my favorite movie posters of al time. If you’re an anime fan (or a fan of trippy sci fi movies, actually)…then I really really recommend Paprika.

Once I’m finished I’ll upload a fancy fast motion video of the whole process. 🙂