Zodiac Fuzzy Poster – Complete!

I first shared this poster while it was in progress, about a year ago. I'm happy to report¬†it is now finished and adorning our craft room wall. While I don't follow¬†astrology predictions, I do enjoy learning about the signs, the constellations behind them and what patterns are observed for each sign. I used fine tip… Continue reading Zodiac Fuzzy Poster – Complete!


In Progress: Zodiac “Fuzzy” Poster

Who says kids are the only ones that get to play with markers? This is an in progress project I got for cheap at the drugstore. The black area is a fuzzy velvet-looking surface that helps make everything look "goof proof" (that's how the market it, im not kidding.) This is a really fun project… Continue reading In Progress: Zodiac “Fuzzy” Poster