Zodiac Fuzzy Poster – Complete!

I first shared this poster while it was in progress, about a year ago. I’m happy to report it is now finished and adorning our craft room wall. While I don’t follow astrology predictions, I do enjoy learning about the signs, the constellations behind them and what patterns are observed for each sign.

Fuzzy Zodiac Poster

I used fine tip permanent markers for most of the poster, but for larger sections like the border I used the markers that came with the poster. They are not as high quality, but they were very effective for getting large chunks of work done.

I am particularly fond of the trees in this poster. The marker ink layered up nicely and created unexpected bark effects on the tree trunks. A similar effect happened on the earth globe, where marker layers created an “ocean current” look.

For those interested in making their own: I found this at the kids art section of Bartell’s drug store. I suggest checking your nearest “all in one” drug store to see if you find one similar. If you do, please share!  I think I may need another one soon, this is very addicting. 😀


Art around the house

I realized that my bathroom was lacking some serious happiness so the bf and I decided to make some art.

The materials needed to make this are:

  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Cups of different sizes (I used 3 in my example)
  • Something to hang your canvas with (I used push pins!)

Get your canvas ready and paint all over it with a single color. I mixed some blue & white. I really wanted a lighter color but it just didn’t happen with the amount of paint I had on hand.

Next, decide how many colors you want for your bubbles. It can be as simple as white…but I went crazy and made green, yellow, orange, pink and purple bubbles. Cover the edge of a cup with paint and stamp onto the canvas.

To make the bubble look more realistic paint a little colored “shadow” at the bottom. Then with white paint a shining curve at the top. It doesn’t matter which way the white and the shadow are….as long at they’re opposite and you are consistent throughout all the bubbles.

Repeat as many times as you like….fill up the canvas with bubbles…or maybe make it subtle with just a few!

And speaking of art around the house ….I finally framed and hung my signed Penny Arcade poster!

I got this poster signed back in Sakuracon in 2007 and I have treasured it this whole time. I thought it was due for some recognition and now you can see it while walking around the apartment. Mike & Jerry are seriously my favorite comic artists and the longegivity of their strip (and how it stays relevant) is seriously a tremendous achievement.

That’s all for now! Im out!