Halloween Fun with Glow in the Dark Hot Glue

I visited Daiso the other day, and ran into  Glow in the Dark hot glue! I'd never seen this before and this sparked a lot of ideas...mostly halloween themed. I've used the hot glue more like sculpture and not as an adhesive. For only $1.50....I couldn't say no.   I started out playing with handwriting...This… Continue reading Halloween Fun with Glow in the Dark Hot Glue


DIY Chesire Cat costume accessories (Crochet)

Its that time of the year again, where I scramble at the last minute to make a Halloween costume! This year I'm planning on dressing up as the Cheshire Cat, in the style of the 1951  Alice in Wonderland Disney movie. The Cheshire cat and I go a long way, and if you've read this… Continue reading DIY Chesire Cat costume accessories (Crochet)


Zodiac Fuzzy Poster – Complete!

I first shared this poster while it was in progress, about a year ago. I'm happy to report it is now finished and adorning our craft room wall. While I don't follow astrology predictions, I do enjoy learning about the signs, the constellations behind them and what patterns are observed for each sign. I used fine tip… Continue reading Zodiac Fuzzy Poster – Complete!


DIY Tshirt headbands & accessories

I've been experimenting with new materials a lot lately and one of them is T-shirt yarn! T-shirt yarn is basically a long strip of t-shirt fabric that can be used as a heavy weight yarn for any craft. Last year when I started my venture into designing for Darby Smart, I picked several skeins of… Continue reading DIY Tshirt headbands & accessories


DIY Embroidery Wall Art (Darby Smart design + Promo Code)

I'm very excited to share that an embroidery design I worked on last year was just launched as an Embroidery Wall Art idea on! You can follow along the instructions there and purchase any materials you are missing. I really love some of the fabrics they used in the examples. This was a fun project… Continue reading DIY Embroidery Wall Art (Darby Smart design + Promo Code)


Mapping Puerto Rico’s slavery districts in 1872

Update 3/13/15 : Welcome to visitors coming from the Puerto Rico Historic Building Drawings Society! Feedback is most definitely welcome so feel free to leave a comment if you have additional information on this topic. Together, there is much we can learn about our island! Actualizado 13/3/15: Bienvenidos vistantes dirigidos aquí por el "Puerto Rico Historic… Continue reading Mapping Puerto Rico’s slavery districts in 1872


The rewards of teaching

Last month I taught my very first in person crochet class.  Speaking in public has been something I've enjoyed in school and work, but I've never really considered myself a teacher. I still feel fluttery and excited when I think that I actually transmitted something I know to other people. I spent an afternoon teaching… Continue reading The rewards of teaching


Video Roundup: Grace Hopper Conference 2014 speakers

This week (but really, this whole fall) my geeky side is jumping for joy since I finally get to go to the Grace Hopper Conference/Celebration . This event focuses on women in technology (students, faculty, industry, etc) and is a three day marathon of awesome talks, training and networking opportunities. I'm not familiar with several… Continue reading Video Roundup: Grace Hopper Conference 2014 speakers